Protect Your Intellectual Property: A How To Guide

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Course Description:

Stop Content Thieves in Their Tracks! Legally force them to remove it from their site/bog, stop using it or give you the proper accreditation and/or pay you for their use of your copyrighted work | Issue & Enforce Takedown Notices | Learn how to protect your online content & step-by-step how to legally force others to take it down if they are dumb enough to still try to steal it!

Learning Objective

By the end of this course you will know exactly how to:

Legally protect your website/blog/products/courses (quickly and easily) using the full power and protections of the DMCA Act for every piece of content or product you create from the day you publish or promote it.

Create a Takedown Notice following the complete process, issuing time and date stamped, document supported, legal requests that require compliance under penalty of law from Domain owners, Hosting Providers and Search Engines to remove your stolen copy 

Who is this course for? 

Anyone who is publishing or plans to publish/distribute original content or products on a website/blog/social media post, create or sell courses.

What will you learn?

What types of content you can copyright

What the DMCA Act is and how to properly apply it to protect your website/business/intellectual property.

Who can and who is obligated to help you get your content removed from offending sites.

What's included in this course?

  • How to legally establish copyright over everything on your website/blog immediately you publish it.
  • Proactive steps to take to prevent people from stealing your content in the first place.
  • How to Monitor for Copying of Your Content: 
  • How to monitor/find where/if your content may, or has been copied online.
  • Tools to help you automate the monitoring process. 
  • How to Legally Deal with Violators: 
  • Preparation - info gathering resources
  • How to issue takedown notices, cease and desist, and Search Engine Removal Requests - this is the last resort (it usually doesn't get to this)
  • Resources - checklist, links to tools to help you find this information and downloadable example documents and templates in Word | .txt | PDF formats.


About Your Instructor

Debra Lloyd

Debra Lloyd is a digitally savvy business owner who developed a love for writing, content creation, and social media. She has a passion for consulting with small, local, and web-based businesses.Her extensive background in a variety of business sectors and systems automation allows her to help companies streamline their processes, document and manage their business information and create targeted business systems that get results.

Areas of Specialty: Systems & Process Automation | Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing | Online Security | Local & Web-Based Business Consulting | E-Commerce | WordPress Web Design

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