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if they are dumb enough to still try to steal it!

Debra Lloyd is a digitally savvy business owner uniquely qualified to help bloggers, content and course creators, proactively, legally secure and protect their content by stopping content thieves in their tracks!

She is sharing her expertise in online security, digital marketing and web design to help proactively protect your content, ensuring you, and only you, get the credit and compensation you deserve.

Areas of Specialty:  Digital & Social Media Marketing | Local & Web-Based Business Consulting | Online & Website Security | Digital Business Systems & Process Automation | WordPress & E-Commerce Web Design

If you've ever written content or produced a course, you can surely relate to how much time and effort it takes to create original content, not to mention the knowledge and experience required to do it well.

As you've found your way here, you're probably a content creator concerned about protecting your content but also wondering how to do it effectively without getting a law degree! That's precisely what this course will teach you how to do.

In this course, I'll show you how simple mistakes can sabotage your copyright, how authors and content creators often make those mistakes without realizing and how to fix them quickly. You'll learn precisely how to protect your copyright and your content. I'll give plenty of practical advice, tips, tricks, and examples to help you master this important topic. 

If you don't have proactive protections in place, it will often be hard, if not impossible, to support your copyright claims. With the recent proliferation of AI, it is more important than ever to be sure you use every legal mechanism available to protect your content.

Most creators need help understanding the measures they can take to get stolen content REMOVED. Some services will do this for you, but they typically cost $199 or more, and that's for EVERY NOTICE they send. It often takes two or more notices before offenders remove your content from their site. 

Those services will ask you for the exact same information this course will show you how to find. They'll have you go do the legwork to find and enter that info into a form online which will then generate a standard takedown notice, which they will send (deliver via email) out for you. They will charge you for each notice generated (even though you're doing all the research work to identify the offender, their site, and their hosting provider). 

However, they do nothing to help you STOP or discourage plagiarism or content thievery from happening again with a different content thief or on another site you own. Hackers and content thieves often "blanket attack or target" sites on the same server, so once you've been targeted, it's likely to happen again.

I'm an experienced blogger, course and content creator, digital and local marketing specialist, e-publisher, WordPress web designer, and website security expert. I've compiled this comprehensive course to help you Secure, Track, Observe, and Protect your copyright to STOP content thieves and pirates in their tracks! 

TIP: Don’t wait any longer! Invest $149 today to learn how to avoid making mistakes that sabotage your copyright and how to FIX ‘em FAST!” Get the “STOP STEALING MY CONTENT" course now, follow the step-by-step instructions, detailed checklist, use the downloadable example documents and templates (in Word | .txt | PDF formats) to take control of your content and protect it from the dangers of copyright infringement.
You can do this on every site you own (you can even offer this as a service for your clients). You’ll be able to confidently and easily protect your content online, and get back to what matters most: creating great content!


Anyone who is publishing or plans to publish/distribute/promote their original content, courses or products online via  a website/blog/membership site or social media posts.

wHat Will You LEarn?

  • What types of content you can copyright
  • How to legally establish copyright ownership
  • What the DMCA Act is and how you can use it to protect your website, your business, and your intellectual property!
  • Who can and who is obligated to help you get your content removed from offending sites.

Your Protection Strategy

  • What you need on your website to legally establish your copyright.
  • How to automate monitoring your content.
  • How to stop making it easy for people to steal your content.

Copyright Essentials

  • What types of works can be copyrighted?
  • What rights does copyright cover?
  • What's the difference between Copyright & Plagiarism?

Dealing With Violators

  • What information you need about the offender - domain, hosting service & their ISP. 
  • How to legally request offenders remove your content.
  • Who is legally required to help you if the offender doesn't comply.

Definition of Copyright Infringement: A demand that an individual or business stop using already published materials protected by U.S. Copyright laws without obtaining permission from the owner of the copyright and giving proper attribution to the creator of those materials


Imagine how great it will feel when you finally know EXACTLY HOW to...

How to Prevent Content Stealing:


  • How to legally establish copyright over everything on your website and blog posts automatically and immediately, when you click "publish".
  • The proactive steps to take to dissuade and prevent content thieves from stealing your content in the first place.

How to Monitor for Copying of Your Content:


  • How to monitor/find where/if your content may, or has been copied online.
  • Tools to help you automate the monitoring process.
  • How to check your own content before you publish to ensure you don't get cited for plagiarism!

How to Legally Deal with Violators: 

  • Step-By-Step modules walk you through the takedown process, downloadable example docs and a private Facebook Group for Q&A.
  • How to issue cease and desist orders.
  • How to issue Search Engine Removal Requests - Google & ISPs will help you! 

Access To Full Member Resource Library: 

  • Downloadable example legal docs you can use as an outline to issue the required notices yourself (Save big on Legal costs).
  • Checklist to show exactly what steps to take, and all the documents you need to support your claim and document the offending site/stolen content.
  • Downloadable example legal disclosures for all the major policies & disclosures required to make your copyright compliant, effective, and to protect yourself from content thieves.
  • Free online resources where you can check out and create State-specific legal disclosures.
  • BONUS: How to file an FTC complaint.
  • BONUS: How to report fraud to FTC.

I built a website for a medical expert client; she began blogging high-quality content relevant to her niche. A couple of months later, she called and asked if I could help her; she'd discovered her content was being stolen, and the offender (a competing business) had literally cut and pasted several of her original blog posts word for word!

This had several implications beyond her annoyance and frustration at having her work stolen. Google is the king of search, but when content is copied (stolen), the search engine algorithms have to figure out which piece is the original content. If their filters fail (and they do all the time), the content, and subsequently BOTH SITES, will rank poorly in search results. They'll BOTH LOSE TRAFFIC and BOTH LOSE CREDIBILITY with search engines and visitors.


This course is the result of my work helping that client get the content removed  from the offending site, enforce her copyright over the original work and restore her credibility with her audience. 

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